• Résonances


I don’t have the feeling of belonging to one music but of being inspired by all music in a constant need for “sound roaming”. Whether scholarly, popular or traditional, this music nourishes an artistic nomadism whose writing and improvisation are the common thread of these conversations shared with the public.
The encounter is the very essence of music, particularly world music and jazz. It is from it that improvisation arises, a delicate art guided by absolute understanding.

Éric Séva was aware of this when he created this trio by calling Kevin Reveyrand and Jean-Luc Di Fraya. Many points unite the members of this group: deep artistic roots, a nurturing musical land which has instilled in them a passion for melodic and rhythmic conversations stemming from popular music, an ideal encounter around jazz and world music; a common gift for sharing, between them and with the public. From the first meeting, their affinities found themselves at the center of a magical combination to serve music made from original compositions. In his preferred formula, Éric finds himself surrounded by two exceptional musicians, at the crossroads of an acoustic and refined trio whose music flows naturally. This trio is obviously simple,… playing together, improvising, sharing, traveling…

Line up :

  • Éric Séva, tenor and soprano saxophones, compositions
  • Kevin Reveyrand, bass
  • Jean-Luc Di Fraya, drums, percussion, cajón, vocals