Nomade Sonore – In Situ On tour 2018-2019

Eric Séva Quartet on tour : with Daniel Zimmerman, Bruno Schorp, Matthieu Chazarenc

Nomade Sonore so that liberty, light and fraternity may emerge.

Not quite the same but not altogether different

He’s a wise man, an artist unmoved by self-congratulation. And like any true creative artist, he’s not about yesterday, he’s already into tomorrow, on his way to unexplored territories, still unsullied tracks, unlikely peaks or improbable chasms… ascents to unscaled summits or descents into unfathomable depths

The fine but firmly controlled balance installed from the start recalls that of a tightrope walker. Roughness is succeeded by velvet. The deeply majestic, occasionally haughty sound of the baritone saxophone gives way to the light-hearted and falsely casual gaiety of an equally meditative soprano sax.

The originality of Eric Séva’s compositions and his firm desire not to fall into the trap of reiteration have enabled him to create a highly individual universe that both surprises and delights. Eric Séva or the itinerary of a gifted young man, creator of plural and singular universes in a world that seems satisfied with sham and dreams of cloning.