Frères de Songs
Frères de Songs

Frères de Songs

“Frères de Songs”: new project

Éric SÉVA invites Michael ROBINSON / Album release February 2, 2024

“Frères de Songs” (Brothers of Songs) is a quintet project with special guest Michael Robinson, a magnificent American singer from Chicago who lives in Paris.

In 2017, Éric invited Michael on his album Body and Blues, a collaboration which will take place on stage during numerous concerts. As an extension of this first meeting Frères de Songs is a project which reflects the artistic links that Éric SÉVA and Michael ROBINSON have in common.

It is in these songs and dances that the two artists come together to tell the story of each, a “blues” that has become “universal” which brings together all these musics, whether African-American, European or traditional.

Around original compositions, this new repertoire draws its inspiration from the soul, funk, jazz and pop music that has fueled their careers, as an echo of all these influences. Completed by three exceptional artists, Frères de Songs broadcasts music which is nourished by melody, groove, dance and the pleasure of playing, of sharing…

  • Éric SÉVA: baritone saxophones, soprano, compositions
  • Michael ROBINSON: voice, texts
  • Daniel ZIMMERMANN: trombone
  • Christophe CRAVERO: Fender Rhodes, keyboards
  • Julie SAURY: drums