Album ADEO Éric Séva
  • Adeo

  • Septet
  • Album released on October 2022
  • Label:  ℗ Les Z'arts de Garonne


For many years, my work has been inspired by my connection with different styles of music. This work has borne six albums of compositions, each with different instrumentation, timbres and colours. The relationship down through the ages between oral tradition music, classical music and popular music intrigued and then guided me in writing this new project, creating an obvious bridge and link with improvisation.

Adeo was born in March 2020 when the first lockdown was announced in France. The abrupt shutdown of all activities freed up an unusual space and time that I chose to spend in artistic introspection. The calm and contemplation brought out in me a desire to write, a desire to compose for a new formation, for a singular instrumental combination. The idea took shape and I rallied musicians at the junction of oral tradition (jazz and popular music) and written tradition (classical music).

Teaming up my current trio (saxophone, bass guitar, drums and percussion) with a classical quartet of four exceptional soloists (bass clarinet, bassoon, viola and cello – two woodwind instruments and two strings) enabled me to conceive of different blends of timbres and textures.

To the beat of a daily ritual over the months that followed, I consulted my notes and jottings every day to gather and develop these ideas, envisaging these seven instruments playing together one day.

The themes and melodies emanated from playing, singing and listening as music punctuated this silent spring.

Every upheaval in life is a reminder that everything is in perpetual movement, a valuable lesson that we can use to best adjust, with patience, while continuing to nurture our dreams… Carpe diem.

The titles of the compositions on this album consequently resonate with moments associated with the suspended energy of this strange period.

Whether art music, traditional or popular music, all this music continues to guide my quest on this road of artistic nomadism. Compositions and improvisations are essential conversations, guiding threads and channels for me to prepare these sound journeys and landscapes to then come and share them with the audience.

Bon voyage!