Body and Blues (2017)
  • Body and Blues

  • Sextet
  • Album released on October 2017
  • Label:  ℗ Les Z'arts de Garonne

Body and Bluesddd

It’s well known, ideas and desires grow from meetings and collaborations. Meeting Sebastian Danchin motivated me to work with him on a blues inspired project. Sebastian has been exploring the blues, a human and musical heritage, for several decades now.

The strength of the blues lies in its storytelling. This struck me as obvious as my exploration of the blues pushed me to remember my own story, a story engraved forever by these blue notes that have given me the desire and the need to become a musician.

Beyond the talent, the blues is a universal language with the power to touch, to question, to call, to share, to communicate. It is this power that I evoque in this project, through the duet of the singer Harrison Kennedy and my own palette of saxophones.

Eric SEVA, composer and leader of this project.

Eric Séva’s journey from the world of popular balls (traditional dance halls) to that of the most prestigious scenes follows a comparable logic to jazz.

My intimate knowledge of the blues, with its emotional burden and its cathartic function, pushed me to entice Eric to draw from its essence his own sensitivity, his own story. The blues, a verbalization of the constant struggle against adversity, finds an unexpected voice with Eric Séva, thanks to the sounds of the baritone, soprano and sopranino saxophones accentuated by the unexpected use of a wah-wah pedal. Surrounded by an impressive group of musicians familiar with the roots of jazz, Éric Séva has composed several magnificent themes to the glory of the blue note, to which bluesman Harrison Kennedy (Prix Charles Cros 2015) will participate.

Sebastian DANCHIN Producer, author, researcher, musician