Pochette de l'album Mother of Pearl
  • Mother of Pearl

  • Quintet
  • Album released on September 2020
  • Label:  ℗ Les Z'arts de Garonne

Mother of Pearlddd

My musical roots are connected to dance, rhythm and melody. Like the saxophone, the accordion is an instrument that is part of my artistic heritage, a companion that is inseparable from my creative journey.

When I rediscovered “Summit”, the album recorded by Astor Piazzolla and Gerry Mulligan in 1974, I laid the foundations of this new project entitled “Mother of Pearl”.

Mother-of-pearl refers to the nacre coated key buttons on saxophones, accordions and bandoneons that allow to locate the fingers.

The forty five year old recording of Piazzolla and Mulligan expresses the melodic power and the lyricism between the baritone saxophone and the bandoneon. It characterizes the personality of these two exceptional artists and inspired me as a composer to approach different styles.

I invited Daniel Mille to dialogue on the ten new compositions of this fifth album under my name as he and I have built a melodic and sound complementarity over the years.

The music of the opus “Mother of Pearl”, which is due to be released in the spring of 2020, is articulated around a series of conversations between the saxophone and the accordion.

Enjoy the journey…